Nutrition & Weight Loss Center in Jamesburg

Nutrition & Weight Loss Center in Jamesburg

Nutritional Counseling & Weight Loss with Certified Clinical Nutritionist: Dr. Dave Wendel, D.C, ACN, CCWFN

Nutritional Counseling Jamesburg:  Nutritional guidance can directly and positively impact the overall success of chiropractic care.  Dr. Dave Wendel – Jamesburg, NJ chiropractor specializes in nutritional counseling and supplementation to his patients.  Nutritional counseling is an integral part of Applied Kinesiology which is a holistic approach to muscle testing in order to determine areas of weakness that can lead to poor organ function.  Nutritional counseling in Jamesburg NJ helps to strengthen these weakened muscles and provide for better overall health and wellness.

Doctor Supervised Nutritional Counseling & Supplementation

When you visit our clinic, Dr. Wendel will discuss various dietary options with you and assist you in choosing the most agreeable yet nutritious solution. Chiropractic care generally incorporates nutritional counseling as well as prescribed routine exercises and all natural supplements. We assist you in making sure your body receives the nutritional resources to undergo vast transformation, repair and renewal.

Nutritional Counseling for Optimal Health and Wellness

As part of a total wellness program, we incorporate clinical nutrition along with chiropractic and other forms of alternative healthcare.  This is designed to provide each patient with a long-term solution to living a happier and healthier lifestyle.  We will recommend foods to avoid as well as healthy meal options designed to increase your energy and boost your immune system.

Hormonal Balance with Nutrition & Chiropractic

Many people do not realize that hormonal balance does not require medication.  In fact, hormonal balance can be done quite naturally.  Dr. Dave Wendel will help guide you to hormonal balance through nutritional consultation, supplementation, proper exercise and chiropractic adjustments.  Combined together, you can achieve hormonal balance without undergoing hormonal replacement therapy which is laden with terrible side-effects.

Proper Nutritional Benefits

  • Increased Energy
  • Weight Loss
  • Decreased Anxiety
  • Allergy Relief
  • Boosted Immunity

Some Conditions that See Improvement through Nutrition

  • Alzheimers Disease
  • Anxiety & Poor Concentration
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Diabetes & High Blood Pressure
  • Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue
  • Menopause & Insomnia
  • Parasites
  • Parkinsons Disease
  • Rosacea, Chronic Fatigue & Poor Digestion
  • Viral Warts

Whole Food Nutrition

Your body is designed to rebuild itself from the food you eat.  We are currently in the fifth generation of having our food supply not being picked, gathered or prepared minutes before we eat it.  Real food is very scarce in our diet.  We want to rebuild your body from the inside out.  Whole food supplements provide concentrated rebuilding material.

Weight Loss at Natural Health and Wellness Center

Nutrition and weight loss go hand in hand.  Often times people who go through our nutritional program see the pounds drop off both on an immediate basis and on a permanent long-term basis.  An integral part of losing this weight and keeping it off is knowing what foods your body can handle and which it is rejecting.  Through our training we have the ability to tell you with certainty what foods will help your body and which are going to give your body a hard time to use.  If you want to learn more about our weight loss program please give us a call to set up an appointment!


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