Helmetta Chiropractor

Helmetta Chiropractor

Helmetta Chiropractor

Chiropractor in Helmetta, New Jersey: Natural Health & Wellness Center was established in 2008 by Dr. Dave Wendel. From day one we wanted to do more for our community. The question we always ask is, “What can we do to help our patients before and after their adjustments to help them more?”Using this question as our guide, we have continually added products and services to our practice to serve our community more effectively. Our current location allows us to continue to expand and enhance our services in the future.

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Helmetta Chiropractors: Do you have one or more health problems that won’t go away? Have you visited doctors but the results weren’t what you expected? Are your health concerns significantly affecting your life? Your Chances of recovery have never been higher! If you are tired of being put on drugs only to mask your symptoms, scheduled for procedures that clip, snip and remove your body parts, or getting pricked, stabbed or shocked only to find that your symptoms return or worse yet,still persist, the Natural Health & Wellness Center may be just what you are looking for.

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At Natural Health & Wellness center, we practice functional Medicine- the answer to most of your health problems. Functional Medicine is focused on the cause of functional disorders like pain, hormonal imbalances, sleep disturbances, irritability, headaches,fatigue, blood sugar imbalances, inflammatory processes, a weakened immune system, digestive disorders, weight issues and the like. Our care targets the reason behind why the problems exists, and not just covering the symptoms. Only by finding the true cause of your body’s malfunction can you correct a functional problem.

The growing number of “5 Star” reviews on third party websites such as Yelp, Facebook and Google are a testament of just how beloved Dr. Dave Wendel is in the community! But don’t take our word for it! We encourage you to read some of these reviews listed here on our website to see just how much our center stands apart from the rest.

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Natural Health and Wellness Center: As a doctor who specializes in functional health care, I check every patient biochemically,hormonally, and neurologically to find what is truly causing the underlying problem. So ask yourself, “What would happen if we helped you reach your ideal weight, detoxified your liver or balanced you biochemically?” Would you live longer? Would you look and feel younger? Would your health problems, whatever they are lessen or be eliminated?

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Our purpose is to educate every family we come in contact with about the dangers of taking drugs (both prescription and over the counter) to cover up symptoms, and the benefits of Chiropractic Lifestyle, so that they willingly seek and pay for Chiropractic care in our office for the purpose of regaining their health, the prevention of disease and to maintain their desired level of optimum health once achieved.

[us_testimonial author=”Irene W.” company=”Google” img=”5054″]Dr. Wendel is a caring, devoted, very passionate doctor. I have never known a health care provider more committed, better educated and On Top of His Game as Dave Wendel. I hold him and his staff in the highest regard. The team is helpful, accommodating and always smiling. They are the shining example of what hard work and success looks like.[/us_testimonial]

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