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Adrenal Complex – This Mediherb herbal supplement is designed to help you fight off stress more effectively.  It decreases fatigue and increases your body’s immune response by restoring adrenal function.  Your adrenal gland is your body’s first line of defense for stress.  This supplement promotes your natural resistance to stress.


This supplement contains Licorice and Rehmannia.  These 2 herbs have been used for centuries to promote adrenal gland health and fight stress.  Mediherb has standardized these 2 herbs active components to ensure optimal strength and quality.  This herbal complex is not to be used if you have high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, low blood potassium; water retention or you are pregnant or lactating.  


AF Betafood – This is another extremely effective digestive supplement that is specifically designed to help people who have gallbladder congestion. AF Betafood contains Betaine. Betaine is a very strong fat metabolism factor. So by using young growing beet leaves, which are the richest source of Betaine in the world, you can have better fat metabolism.


AF Betafood helps with gallbladder and liver congestion, helps to thin and mobilize bile and assists with the conversion of blood fat into sugar. This supplement can be used in combination with other supplements to help your body clear itself of toxins and help you lose weight.


Antronex – This Standard Process product contains a special liver extract which the Japanese called Yakriton. This enzyme is a natural anti-histamine. It can be safely used for people who have histamine toxicity like people with asthma and allergies. It has also been shown to help regulate blood pressure and clear extra thyroid hormone from the blood.


Because your liver is so important in your immune response, the active ingredient in Antronex is very beneficial for any type of liver congestion or immune problem. This product also contains calcium and magnesium to stimulate natural killer activity to fight off infections. Antronex has also been shown to relax the smooth muscles of the lungs to help with breathing due to allergic reactions.


Arginex – This Standard Process product is an excellent kidney product.  Arginase is an enzyme that promotes detoxification through the kidneys.  When you increase kidney function you decrease water retention and help your body have more energy which allows you to lose weight more effectively.  This product helps to decrease uric acid levels and also helps women with frequent urinary tract infections.


This product is grown on beet pulp and oat bran.  Arginine is a by-product of protein metabolism in the body and can get built up in your kidneys.  Arginex helps your kidneys by giving them the enzyme necessary to properly get rid of the excess arginine that can build up. 


Black Current Seed Oil - This Standard Process product contains organically cold pressed black current seed oil.  This oil is beneficial for dry skin, immune system support, fat metabolism, decreasing inflammation throughout the body and PMS or menopause problems.  Any inflammatory condition can benefit from the use of this product.

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Black current seed oil is a great source of the omega 6 fatty acid GLA.  This oil contains 2 to 3 times the amount of GLA that Evening Primrose oil does.  This oil also helps promote healthy liver function.  GLA is also extremely important in producing many of your body’s own anti-inflammatory hormones.


Catalyn – Is our main multivitamin and trace mineral supplement. This was the first supplement developed by Dr. Royal Lee in 1929. Like all the other supplements in the Standard Process line, Catalyn is not heated in any way as the tablets are made. These products are made using a vacuum drying technique that doesn’t change the natural structures of the whole food vitamins and minerals in any way during the process.


All of the Standard Process line is cold pressed. Which means each raw ingredient is never heated to over 70 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the entire process. This allows all of the Standard Process supplements to remain it their natural state, with all of the living elements intact. Naturally occurring enzymes, phytonutrients, co-factors and mineral activators combine with whole vitamin complexes to create whole food concentrates. Catalyn was the first one developed and is still used widely today.


Cataplex B - This Standard Process product helps with nerve conduction problems like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, irregular heart beats and decreased muscle tone.  This product contains a special B vitamin not found in other B complex products.  Cataplex B also helps with blood sugar problems, anemia, drug and alcohol use and depression.


Cataplex B is an alcohol soluble B complex vitamin.  This helps in carbohydrate metabolism and helps to control low blood pressure.  This supplement has also been  found helpful in bundle branch blocks and other conduction problems with the heart.  This supplement should be used with caution for people with angina.


Cataplex B12 - This Standard Process supplement is specifically design for people who suffer from pernicious anemia.  B12 has 2 important functions.  The first function is to promote the growth of red blood cell formation.  The second function is to advance that formation into full red blood cell maturation.  B12 has also been shown to be important for the conversion of RNA and DNA.


What make this product unique from other B12 supplements are the intrinsic factors that are placed into this product so it can be absorbed within the stomach.  Unless these factors are present B12 cannot be absorbed.   Only Standard Process Cataplex B12 contains these intrinsic factors.   


Cataplex D - This Standard Process product helps people with calcium absorption, nosebleeds, and lack of exposure to the sun, low blood pressure and low blood calcium.  All of these problems are related to Vitamin D’s ability to take calcium from the gut and load it into the blood stream.  But unless you have enough Vitamin F in your system this calcium can never get into your bones effectively.


Vitamin D has been proven to have beneficial effects on almost every biological system of the body.  You can get too much Vitamin D, but it is usually because you don’t have enough Vitamin F to balance it.  Canker sores are an example of an imbalance of Vitamin D and Vitamin F.  If you don’t have enough calcium in your tissues, canker sores will develop, especially in the inside of your mouth.


Cataplex GTF – This Standard Process product also helps with blood sugar handling problems. This product contains organically combined chromium with a complete vitamin B complex that assists with insulin’s effectiveness in the body. Insulin receptors become damaged with long standing blood sugar handling problems. Cataplex GTF helps to repair the insulin receptors by giving them the building blocks of the repair process.


A second benefit of the Cataplex GTF is the positive effect this organic chromium has on plaque build-up in the heart vessels. This specific form of chromium has been shown in research to decrease the likelihood of cholesterol and calcium sticking to the walls of the heart vessels.


Research has shown the chromium found in Cataplex GTF has a positive effect on slowing down hardening of the arteries by slowing the amount of cholesterol and calcium plaguing that occurs.  The most common form of chromium on the market must be absorbed and then taken to the liver to be stripped from the initial carrier and put on a new carrier molecule.  This takes energy.  Cataplex GTF has the right carrier molecule already so it takes less energy to use in the body.


Congaplex - This Standard process product is the primary product for colds, flu and congestion from a viral infection.  This product contains carrots, alfalfa, mushrooms, Echinacea, calcium lactate and multiple minerals to help the inflammatory response, which occurs in the normal viral infection.


This product can be used in high doses when you are in the beginning stages of a viral infection.  1 to 2 capsules can be taken every half hour for up to 1 day and then you can take 1 or 2 capsules every few hours then tapering off to 6 to 12 capsules per day for up to a week.  Children over 1 year old can take this product safely by putting 1 capsule into yogurt or apple sauce 2 to 4 times a day during an acute infection.


Cruciferous Complete - This Standard Process product contains organically grown kale and Brussels sprouts.  These 2 green vegetables are extremely high in antioxidant activity.  Antioxidants are substances that neutralize free radicals in your body and help to decrease your cancer risks.


Cruciferous Complete is also an excellent source of minerals such as sulfur and which combines with glucosamine to help your joints become healthy.  This product is also a great source of lutein.  Which has been shown to be very important in eye health.  This product also contains all the basic nutrients to help liver detoxification.  This allows you to burn more fat and get rid of more toxins.  It is also a great source of bioavailable calcium.  


Drenamin – This is one of our main energy increasing supplements. It combines a whole food vitamin C with a whole food vitamin B that is helps improve circulation. It also contains organic copper which is an adrenal gland activator. This is our most complete stress supplement.


This supplement also contains a special protein that is taken from a fresh frozen adrenal gland. This special protein has been used for over 80 years to help rebuild the body’s ability to handle stress and have more energy. Standard Process holds the patented process Dr. Royal Lee used to extract these special proteins without damaging them or decreasing their ability to rebuild your energy systems.


Enzycore – This is a new product from Standard Process that also helps you digest your food more efficiently. You need two things to digest your food in your stomach: acids and enzymes. Enzycore is designed to supply your stomach with high quality enzymes along with other ingredients needed to heal the damage to your stomach lining years of abuse have caused.


This supplement also contains bromelain, which helps with protein digestion but is also a very good anti-inflammatory of the stomach lining. It also contains L-glutamate, which is an amino acid that helps to rebuild damage to the stomach lining caused by years of not eating the way you should. This is also a vegetarian product.


Gastrex - This Standard Process product is used to help heal your digestive tract, especially your stomach and small intestine.  It contains clay; silica, okra and chlorophyll to detoxify your stomach and start the healing process.  It quickly relieves the symptoms of too much acid in your stomach.


As your stomach begins to heal, you can begin to add in other supplements to help you digest your food more effectively.  It also contains specific mineral complexes to help (to) heal raw stomach and small intestine linings so you can absorb more vitamins and minerals from your food.


Gut Flora Complex – This product is from Mediherb, a sister company of Standard Process. Mediherb produces and distributes high quality herbal products. Gut Flora Complex combines four different herbal extracts, Andrographis, Pau d’Arco, Oregano oil and Anise oil. These four herbs combine to help clear bad bacterial growth from you small intestine. This product is part of the Candida protocol because it helps clear Candida out of the small intestine.


Gut Flora Complex is very effective at increasing your immune response because it contains Andrographis. Andrographis has long been known for its ability to strengthen your body’s immune response. When you combine it with the other 3 parts of Gut Flora Complex, you have a great way to kill bad bacteria and boost your small intestine’s immune response at the same time.


Gymnema – This product is from Mediherb, Standard Process’s sister company. Gymnema Slyvestre has been known for more than 2,000 years to be a key herb in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Gymnema works by helping your pancreas in the normal production of insulin. Recent studies have also found that Gymnema given for a prolonged period of time can actually lead to increased pancreatic function.


The second reason we use Gymnema is its ability to stop sweet cravings in their tracts. The active ingredient in Gymnema actually makes sugar taste like saw dust. This is extremely important for people who fight terrible sweet cravings every day. This product has been our “go to” product to get that nasty behavior under control for good.


Immuplex - This Standard Process product is designed to help your immune response over an extended period of time.  It can be used in both bacterial and viral infections to boost immune response.  Your immune system consists of your thymus (which stimulates your immune system with hormones), your spleen (which creates antibodies), your long bones (to create stem cells from the marrow), your stomach (to kill parasites and bacteria with acid), your intestinal flora (to kill bacteria and make B 12), and your liver (for detoxification and enzyme production).


This product combines whole food Vitamin A, C & E with Vitamin B 12, Folic acid, zinc, copper, chromium, iron, selenium and mineral activators of the thymus, spleen and liver to rebuild your entire immune response.  By rebuilding your immune system long term your ability to stay away from seasonal infections that are surrounding you every day becomes much less.

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Inositol - This Standard Process product is designed to help people with Type 2 Diabetes, ADD, ADHD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Seasonal Affective disorder.  Inositol is one of the B complex vitamin factors.  It is important in helping your liver burn fat and blood sugar and take it out the blood stream.  If your liver can’t burn fat or handle sugar effectively, then cholesterol starts to accumulate in your body.


When people have trouble with sugars and fat in the blood stream it causes big changes in mood and can cause agitation and irritability.  This is why this product helps with the mood and behavior disorders.  Once you have enough inositol available for your liver to use, then your mood and behavior improves right along with it.


Lact-Enz - This Standard Process product is a probiotic.  It contains lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium longum.  These are the 2 main bacteria found in the normal gut flora.  Once in the small intestine, these two bacteria create lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid to increase the acidity of the intestine to stop the production of harmful bacteria in the gut.


Probiotics are important in recolonizing the gut after an infection or after antibiotic use.  Research has shown using a probiotic after a course of antibiotics has been completed can prevent 50 percent of post-antibiotic infections.  Long-term use of probiotics consistently resupplies your gut with good bacteria, but once you quit taking the supplement, your gut will return to its normal flora.


Linum B6 - This Standard Process product is organically grown fresh flaxseed oil.  Flaxseed oil is one of the best natural sources of Omega 3 fatty acids.  The Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are the “good” fatty acids.  They are responsible for decreasing the inflammatory response in your body.  That is why these two substances are very good in fighting heart and artery disease. dapoxetine 60 with out a prescription, dapoxetine without prescription us pharmacy, dapoxetine no rx, dapoxetine prescription free, otc dapoxetine , buy


Vitamin B6 is added to this cold pressed flaxseed oil to assist your body’s ability to utilize vitamin F (which is a polyunsaturated fatty acid).  Linum B6 is especially high in linolenic acid.  This substance is also very low in most people’s diet and is extremely important in controlling the amount of inflammation in your body.


Livaplex - This Standard Process product is a combination of 6 different SP products all designed to help with liver detoxification, fat metabolism and general liver support.  It contains beet leaf juice to thin the bile and help with bile flow.  A special mineral combination helps to speed up repair and regeneration of liver tissue.  This product is high in potassium, sodium, iron, sulfur and Vitamin C.  These nutrients help to prevent constipation.


Multiple trace minerals are also found in this product to help with hundreds of enzymatic processes to help with your liver’s ability to repair itself.  A substance called Yakriton has an antihistamine effect and helps increase circulation within the liver to speed its cleaning.  This substance is also important to clear up liver congestion which is associated with high blood pressure.


Multizyme – Multizyme is a Standard Process product that is also widely used here in our office. This product is recommended when you are having a great deal of problems with bloating and gas build up. Multizyme contains plant based enzymes that help you digest your food more effectively. It also contains pancreatin, which is another protein enzyme.


This supplement has also been found to be very helpful for people who have picked up specific parasites in their gut system. This specific formulation has been found to kill specific parasite in your intestines. When these parasites are killed off, you have much less gas and bloating and it helps you lose weight because you are digesting and eliminating your food much more effectively.


Okra Pepsin E3 - This Standard Process product helps to clear the mucous off the walls of the small intestine to increase nutrient absorption.  If there is a heavy layer of mucous on the walls of the small intestine the tiny fingers can’t grab and absorb nutrients effectively.  Okra binds to this mucous and contains an enzyme to digest the proteins in this mucous making it sluff off and be eliminated in the stool.


Vitamin E3 is a powerful tissue repair factor.  If you have an irritated stomach lining, this vitamin complex helps to repair your gut.  This product also contains pepsin.  Pepsin is a protein digesting enzyme that is needed in great quantities when people eat plentiful meat products.  So this product is also very helpful with overall digestion.   


Ovex – This Standard Process product is designed for women who are having problems with menstrual bleeding. This is not a hormone product. This product contains the enzymes and building blocks to produce more progesterone in the second half of their menstrual cycle. Ovex supplies women with these important substances to correct the imbalance between estrogen and progesterone that leads to the heavy menstrual bleeding problem.


Ovex also contains a whole food vitamin E complex. This is important because vitamin E is extremely important in the entire stress hormone pathway. Without enough of the entire vitamin E complex your ability to handle stress and make stress hormones is extremely compromised. This, along with providing the building blocks of making more progesterone, makes Ovex one of our favorite supplements to help women in our practice.


Pancreatrophin PMG – This Standard Process product contains a very misunderstood substance, PMG or Protomorphogen. Dr. Royal Lee and Standard Process hold the exclusive patent on the process of extracting PMG’s from glandular tissues. A protomorphogen is the mineral activating substance of a normal healthy mammal cell. In other words, a specific mineral combination is necessary for your body to reproduce a healthy cell. Standard Process is the only company that has the ability to isolate and deliver this specific mineral combination in its products.


Pancreatrophin PMG contains the mineral activators for a normal healthy pancreatic cell. This product is best used long term to continually rebuild your pancreas. By rebuilding your pancreas consistently, you can stop or reverse blood sugar problems before they start. This product can also be used as part of a weight loss program because it helps to regulate your blood sugar much more effectively.


Parotid PMG – This Standard Process product is designed to help with digestion and assists with toxin removal from the body. The parotid glands are your largest salivary gland found on the side of your face just below your ears. This product has been shown to help people who have had trouble with the amalgam in dental fillings. Parotid PMG also contains the protomorphogen for the parotid gland.


A protomorphogen is the mineral activating substance of a normal healthy mammal cell. In other words, a specific mineral combination is necessary for your body to reproduce a healthy cell. Standard Process is the only company to have the ability to isolate and deliver this specific mineral combination in its products.


This product also contains calcium lactate which is an extremely absorbable form of calcium that helps with bone density. This product also contains a highly absorbable form of magnesium to help with nerve function and brain health.


Pituitrophin PMG – This Standard Process product is designed to reconnect your pituitary gland with the rest of your hormone producing glands. Your pituitary gland is called the master hormone gland because it produces hormones that allow other hormones to be produced throughout the body. This supplement helps to support and rebuild your pituitary gland.


The protomorphogens found in this product also help to rebuild and maintain cellular function throughout the body. This product also contains calcium lactate which is an extremely absorbable form of calcium that helps with bone density. This product also contains a highly absorbable form of magnesium to help with nerve function and brain health.


Spanish Black Radish – This Standard Process product is designed to promote excretion of toxic materials from your colon. The plant also promotes liver detoxification and decreases spasticity of the colon. It has also been shown to help control the overgrowth of small intestine flora, such as, candida.


A second benefit of Spanish Black Radish is that it provides a natural source of the popular arthritis supplement MSM. This popular retail product is isolated from DMSO (a horse liniment). The natural source of MSM in its organic form found in Spanish Black Radish also contains vitamin and mineral cofactors, folate, vitamins A and C, potassium, sodium, calcium and phosphorous.


Symplex F – This Standard Process product combines many different protomorphogens to help women who are experiencing many of the symptoms associated with their menstrual cycle. This product contains ovary, adrenal, pituitary and thyroid support.

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A protomorphogen is the mineral activating substance of a normal healthy mammal cell. In other words, a specific mineral combination is necessary for your body to reproduce a healthy cell. Standard Process is the only company to have the ability to isolate and deliver this specific mineral combination in its products.


This product also been reported to help with lack of sex drive, mild to moderate depression and fatigue. We also use this supplement to bring balance back into your nervous system so you are not irritable and edgy due to hormone imbalances.


Symplex M – This Standard Process product combines many different protomorphogens to help men who are experiencing changes in their male hormone function. This product contains testicular, adrenal, pituitary and thyroid support.


A protomorphogen is the mineral activating substance of a normal healthy mammal cell. In other words, a specific mineral combination is necessary for your body to reproduce a healthy cell. Standard Process is the only company to have the ability to isolate and deliver this specific mineral combination in its products.


We have used this product to help with lack of sex drive, mild to moderate depression, fatigue and loss of muscle mass. We also use this supplement to bring balance back into your nervous system so you are not irritable or edgy because of your hormone imbalances.


Trace Minerals – B12 – This formula was originally designed for patients with undulant fever by the famous soil researcher Dr. William Albrecht of the University of Missouri. This product is a great source of manganese. Manganese is an enzyme activator and a ligament strengthener. This formula also contains zinc, copper, iodine and vitamin B-12. All of these trace minerals help fight infections by boosting the immune response.


Trace minerals are also very important in supporting proper hormone gland function. Your thyroid gland, pituitary gland, adrenal glands, pancreas, and gonads all need abundant amounts of trace minerals to function at their peak. Trace Minerals –B12 provides these substances in a completely bioavailable form– one that your body can use right away. 


Tuna Omega-3 Oil – This is our best source of EPA and DHA essential fatty acids. Our Tuna oil has been shown to cleanse the heart muscle and blood vessels, help memory, and support a healthy emotional response and mood. Another important reason to take Tuna Oil is to help your cell membranes remain strong. With strong membranes, your body can control inflammation and have a healthy immune response.


Our Tuna oil provides the natural occurring ratio of 5:1 DHA to EPA. This ratio is what had been shown to be the best for your body to accept. DHA is important for expectant mothers because of the positive effects it has on brain and spinal cord development in the womb.


Zymex - This Standard Process product helps to make your digestive system become more acidic.  It is extremely helpful when treating yeast infections and bacterial overgrowth in your small intestine.  This product breaks down sugars into lactic acid in your digestive tract to make it more acidic.  Candida, a common yeast that overgrows in the small intestine, can’t multiply in acidic conditions.


Zymex also helps with kidney detoxification by producing Arginex as a by-product of being digested in the gut.  This makes Zymex very helpful for people who are prone to kidney or bladder infections by increasing the acidity of the kidney and the bladder. 


Zymex II - This Standard Process product is much different than Zymex.  This product is designed to digest and kill parasites found in your digestive tract.  It contains defatted fig and almond bran, papain, bromelain, amylase, lipase, cellulase, and ficin from a tree sap of the Amazon rain forest.  All of these substances help your body fight and kill parasites found in your digestive tract.


This product is also very helpful with people who have trouble with acid sensitivity.  It doesn’t contain any pancreatin or betaine hydrochloride.  It is also helpful in digesting proteins.  This is important in keeping the inflammation in your body down so you can heal.


Zypan – This supplement is where we start with the majority of our patients who are experiencing digestive problems. This product contains Pepsin and Hydrochloric acid. Pepsin is necessary to digest any proteins you take into your stomach. If you don’t have enough pepsin you can’t maintain your muscle mass. Pepsin is also important to digest collagen which helps you build strong bones and ligaments.


Hydrochloric acid is absolutely necessary to keep your stomach pH at 2 to 3. If your stomach pH gets above 3, pepsin cannot work effectively. Also the higher your pH of your stomach gets the fewer fats and minerals your body can absorb from your stomach. Zypan also contains ammonium chloride. This substance helps to keep the acid content of your stomach where it should be for proper digestion to occur.

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